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The city

Discover Alicante through all your senses: its fabulous beaches, its wide range of museums and its impressive monuments all constitute this city’s broad appeal that we invite you to discover.
Alicante is a welcoming city bathing in the waters of the Mediterranean. It is characterized by its great dynamism and warm Mediterranean climate. At a crossroads of cultures, the city welcomes travellers and makes them feel at home.
In addition to its well-known areas, Alicante has other neighbourhoods full of life and history, for you to enjoy.
If we leave the sea, the beach and the port and wander deeper into the city, between the two castles that guard the city, you will find modern spaces, history, recreational areas, monuments, spectacular buildings, culture, good, sports facilities, traditional shops and more.


The Castle of Santa Bárbara played a major role in Alicante’s history. The castle is the city’s hallmark. Visitors can discover its historic halls and water reservoirs, enjoy guided tours, shows and events, as well as grand views of the Mediterranean throughout the year.

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